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Compliance with the terms of consideration of a documents package of potential participants of FEZ, their registration and issuance of a certificate of a FEZ resident for the development of blockchain-technologies


Timely provision of assistance in resolving the arisen questions


Holding the meetings,
negotiations and consultations


The provision of state support to the investor within of the legislation with a view to developing blockchain-technologies on the territory of the republic


Assistance in searching the facilities of necessary capacities and making the contact with their lessors.

for registration

The application for registration

Original and notarized copy of the enterprise Charter and its notarized Russian version.

Original and notarizes copy of the Certificate of a legal entity state registration.

Original and notarizes copy of the Extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and their notarized Russian versions.

* In case of providing documents for the registration of the foreign organization, the copies should be notarized and have a certified translation in Russian.


The service of the Management Company has a broad concept and include next positions:

Timely provision the resident with uninterrupted power supply.

The lease payment for the facility of a resident.

Monthly subscription fee for fire safety and security

Monthly subscription fee for the Internet


The service of the "Management Company" for the development of blockchain-technologies are carried out within the limits of the tariff scale

Power volume
  • up to 50 MW
  • up to 100 MW
  • up to 120 MW
  • over 120 MW
Price per kWh
  • 0,043$
  • 0,0415$
  • 0,040$
  • 0,0385$

The tariff for the Service of Technopark OJSC was developed at the state level and approved by the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Legislative basis

The Law of Pridnestrovie dated
February 09th, 2018 No. 39-Z-VI «About the development of information blockchain-technologies
in Transnistria»

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